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X-Shot Fury 4 with 8 Darts

The X-Shot Fury 4 with 8 darts allows you to blast 4 darts in quick succession thanks to its rotating barrel! Hit targets from up to 27 meters / 90 feet with total accuracy! The Fury 4's barrel automatically rotates when primed, giving you the absolute best firing rate!

X-Shot Excel Double Shot Blaster with 6 Cans

The X-Shot Excel Double Shot blaster with 6 cans packs a serious punch in an easy-to-carry design. This bold dart gun is powerful enough to hit targets up to 90' away, kicks back when fired, and boasts dart storage at the bottom for quick action.

X-Shot Double Micro Blaster with Target Cans

The X-Shot Double Micro Blaster with target cans is the perfect small blaster that packs enough power to take on targets 24 meters / 80 feet away! Take on any enemies with this toy!

New Country Life Horse Vet Set

The New Ray country life horse vet set features all of the equipment that is needed to take care of horses on the go. You can take the animal vet mobile RV around to your different horse barns and help heal the horses. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 5.5H x 13W x 4.5D.

New Ray Remote Control Yamaha Snowmobile

The New Ray remote control Yamaha snowmobile is a fully functional 1:12 scale Yamaha snowmobile. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 3.75H x 8.5W x 3.25D.

New Ray Pink Pick Up Truck & Trailer Horse Set

The New Ray pink pick up truck and trailer horse set features a freewheeling extended cab pink pick-up truck and attached coordinated horse trailer with a drop down tailgate. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 4.75H x 10W x 5D.

New Ray Camping Adventure Pickup & Pink ATV

The New Ray camping adventure pickup and pink ATV features taking a drive in the great outdoors with the pickup truck to find some open land for some ATV fun. Your action figure is ready to explore the all-terrain open land while riding on her pink ATV. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 5H x 12W x 4D.

New Ray Kubota Landscape Playset

The New Ray Kubota landscape playset allows you to mow the grass with the zero turn Kubota lawn mower or just cruise around the farm roads with the two other vehicles. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 0.1H x 36W x 18D.

X-Shot Xcess Blaster with 12 Darts

The X-Shot Xcess blaster with 12 darts packs double the power with its dual-rotating barrels of 6 darts capacity each. Ran out of darts with one? Simply switch barrels and you are ready for another round!

New Ray Die Cast Kenworth W900 Cement Mixer

The New Ray die cast Kenworth w900 cement mixer will be a great addition to your construction truck set. Materials: Metal. Dimensions: 4.5H x 10.5W x 3D.

New Ray Deluxe Hunting Play Set

The New Ray deluxe hunting play set allows your child's imagination to grow as they explore the great outdoors with this deluxe hunting playset. The three hunter figures can sit in two hunting posts, ride an ATV, camp out in a tent and ride the waters on their fishing boat. Materials: Plastic.…

New Ray Pink Pick Up with Fifth Wheel
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The New Ray pink pick up with fifth wheel features a die cast truck with a trailer that functions as both living quarters and room to haul horses. A ramp in the back of the trailer opens for horses to enter. Dimensions: 3.25H x 15.5W x 3.75D.

New Ray Big Western & Indian Playset

The New Ray big western and Indian playset is the ultimate cowboys and Indians set. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 6H x 11W x 10D.

X-Shot Blaster with 8 Darts

The X-Shot blaster with 8 darts uses rotating barrel technology to fire 3 darts in quick succession. The MK-3 is the ultimate blaster for attacks requiring speed and agility. A pull to prime firing mechanism blast your darts up to 80ft!

New Ray Kubota Skid Loader

The New Ray Kubota skid loader features interactive changeable heads. This freewheeling skid loader includes realistic lights and sounds. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 13.5H x 17W x 3.25D.

New Ray Kubota Tractor & Hay Baler

The New Ray Kubota tractor and hay baler features a round hay baler with free wheel action that attaches to the tractor and ejects round hay bales. Materials: Metal. Dimensions: 4.5H x 10W x 6D.

New Ray Farm Playset

The New Ray farm playset provides hours of farm inspired play with imaginations full engaged. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 10H x 11W x 8.5D.

New Ray Kubota Construction Machine Shed Playset

The New Ray Kubota construction machine shed playset features a trailer bed that you can load up with an excavator or a loader for your constuction job. This playset is a great place to store your vehicles and signs when not on the job. Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: 4.75H x 15W x 9.75D.