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Hotseat Stadium Seatwarmers

The hotseat stadium seatwarmers are a great way to stay warm this winter! These are specifically designed for cold weather sporting events and the sanitary warming cover from fits your seat. When you are ready to use it just open the package and the air will activate the heat!

Hot Wavers Heated Rollers

The Hot wavers heated rollers allows you to create the latest looks and help treat your hair at the same time. Hot Wavers are one of the first heated rollers to have two temperature settings as well as three unique sizes--Short, Long, and Body Wavers. You can customize the perfect heat setting and…

Therapeutic Gel Beads Neck Wrap

The therapeutic gel beads neck wrap helps relieve tension in shoulders and neck muscles; the beads distribute evenly to target stressed areas. The flexible design with adjustable straps for a perfect fit allow the therapeutic heat or cold treatments.

Dual Sided Vanity Mirror

The sleek, modern design of this dual sided vanity mirror is perfectly sized for a college dorm bathroom, desk or dresser. This mirror features two sides for perfect makeup application or grooming. The swivel base is used for perfect viewing and the one side of the mirror features 5x magnification.

Therapeutic Gel Beads Back Wrap

Therapeutic Gel Beads Back Wrap can be used as hot or cold therapy. This Therapeutic Gel Beads Back Wrap features a soft plastic gel bead-filled section and adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Wrap can be beneficial for post workout relief to help relieve pain directly where it hurts. Simply heat…

Auto-Inflating Lumbar Cushion

Auto-inflating lumbar cushion - inflates and deflates in seconds. Provides comfort and support. Reduces stress and pressure on spine. Helps posture. Portable, rolls up for travel. Ideal for home, office, travel, plane, movies and more. Roll to easily inflate. 15 x 8.

Therapeutic Gel Beads Eye Mask

The Therapeutic gel beads eye mask helps to tighten skin to help you look younger, reduces eye puffiness and dark circles, and helps to relieve headaches and sinus pressure. This can be used for therapeutic heat or cold treatments. And has an adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

6pc. Grooming Kit in Tin Box

The grooming kit in tin box is perfect for when you're on the go! The compact size fits in perfectly in any suitcase! The set includes Toothbrush, Nail clipper, Nail file, Comb, Nail scissors, and Tweezers.

Dual Sided Massager

Relax, renew and refresh with the dual sided massager. The back scrubber helps stimulate circulation while the massaging foot brush can help relax tired feet. Plastic. Size: 12H x 6W x 2D.