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Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier - HCM890MTG

The Honeywell Cool Mist humidifier is perfect for offering soothing moisture to relieve any dry air discomfort from the cold dry winter months. It features two speed settings, a wicking filter to remove impurities, a 12 hour run time, and a 0.8 gallon tank. This is designed for small-medium rooms.…

AS SEEN ON TV! Miracle Bamboo Cushion
(1 review)

The AS SEEN ON TV! miracle bamboo cushion is a great for any sitting area such as in your car, home, office, or sporting events! The orthopedic design features molded foam for comfort and support while the high density foam won't flatten! this also features a cutaway section for easing pressure on…

Honeywell Room Air Purifier - Black
(2 reviews)

Clean your air without having to worry about expensive replacement filter costs. The Honeywell HEPAClean™ Tower Air Purifier offers effective air cleaning with permanent filtration and little maintenance. < The permanent HEPA-Type filter is certified 95% effective at capturing airborne particles…

Sunbeam 1.03 Gallon Humidifier
(1 review)

The Sunbeam 1.03 gallon humidifier produces a cool mist that is perfecting for helping to fight off a cough and cold symptoms; it also contains an antimicrobial product protection additive. The humidifier also features a 28 hour run time.

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier

The Holmes cool mist humidifier is perfect for those dry winter months. This humidifier can help relieve the effects of dry weather. It features a 24 hour run time, 1 gallon capacity, 2 comfort setting, and has a filter to trap impurities from the water. Plastic. Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 10.

Conair® Relaxing Foot Spa
(2 reviews)

Conair® Relaxing Foot Spa features toe-touch control and gives you the salon style feel of a pedicure.

Honeywell 5 In 1 Air Purifier

The Honeywell 5 in 1 air purifier uses advanced air cleaning system that combines five different air cleaning functions to give your home the cleanest, freshest air. This features a HEPA filter and UV technology to reduce germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The odor filter helps remove any…

Sunbeam® Ultra Heat Technology Heating Pad

The Sunbeam® ultra heat technology heating pad is a great item to have on hand for any sore muscles! The heat therapy increases the blood flow to the sore area assisting with relaxation and healing. This heating pad features three heat settings, a 9ft cord, moist heat option, and it is has a…

AS SEEN ON TV! Swivel Brite Lighted Mirror

AS SEEN ON TV! Swivel Brite lighted magnetic mirror features 360 degree pivoting action, and 6 LED lights, it is distortion free and stores away easily. It is the perfect everyday mirror for applying makeup.

HoMedics Dual Shiatsu with Heat Massager -MCS-370H
(3 reviews)

HoMedics dual shiatsu with heat massager features: 12 massage levels with heat, 2 kneading modes for deep massaging, spot focus massage, 3 zones for upper/lower/full massage, removable cover for customizing massage intensity, remote control with programming and strapping system designed to fit most chairs.

AS SEEN ON TV! Simply Straight
(1 review)

AS SEEN ON TV! Simply straight - ceramic straightening brush. Perfectly straight hair in just minutes! Simply brush to smooth & straighten. Won't damage hair. Great for all hair types. The brush that straightens hair. Salon results fast & easy! Fast. Safe. Gentle.

Honeywell Dr's Choice  Air Purifier -HPA104

The HPA104 150 sq. ft. Honeywell Dr's Choice air purifier has a true HEPA filter that captures up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, .3 micros or larger from the air that passes through the filter. The carbon pre-filter also helps reduce unpleasant odors for cleaner-fresher air being circulated.…

Waterpik® Ultra Dental Water Jet - WP100
(3078 reviews)

The Waterpik® Ultra has state-of-the-art dental water jet technology. It features ten pressure settings, a contemporary design that is smaller quieter than previous models, a covered with in-lid tip storage and six unique tips. This model is the most recommended by dental professionals. Benefits:…

Holmes Humidifier

Holmes cool mist humidifier, 48 Hour run time for large size rooms.

Sonicare Essence Plus Electric Toothbrush Sonicare Essence Plus Electric Toothbrush Sonicare Essence Plus Electric Toothbrush

The Sonicare Essence Plus electric toothbrush can remove up to 3x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. This unit features a special Smartimer that helps you maintain dentist-recommended brushing time of two minutes, an EasyStart system to help you transition from a manual toothbrush by adjusting…

Sunbeam Cozy Spot Heated Hand Warmer Sunbeam Cozy Spot Heated Hand Warmer
(1 review)

This battery operated Sunbeam® cozy spot heated hand warmer is great for anywhere. You can use it at home or in the outdoors. The heat will stay for up to 6 hours and the cozy fabric is great to feel.

HoMedics Bubble Spa

The HoMedics bubble spa with heat boost is a great way to rejuvenate your feet. The heat boost heats cold water in minutes and maintains the temperature while you are using it! The bubbles massage and soothe your tired feet while the pressure rollers help work out cramps in your arches and soles.…

Reflex Lavacare Heat Pack
(2 reviews)

The Reflex Lavacare heat pack allows for extreme therapeutic heat for 20 minutes followed by soothing warmth for another 20 minutes that allows your muscles to come to a relaxing finish. Plus this is odor free and can be used as either a hot or cold pack. 100% Cotton cover. Cover is machine washable.

Panasonic Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver -ES2207P
(63 reviews)

Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver, Pink...The shaving system uses three independently floating heads to follow the contours of your legs and underarms; Our ladies shavers use hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades and foils for sensitive skin; Our shavers are fully immersible in water for shaving…

HoMedics Soothe Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

You can make any room into a soothing spa like area with the HoMedics Ellia soothe ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. The diffuser delivers a fine mist of natural aroma to enhance your mood and alleviates dry air. Plus the color-changing light creates a peaceful place. This can run continuously for…

Honeywell QuietClean Compact Air Purifier

Honeywell's QuietClean compact air purifier captures up to 99% of ultra fine household pollutants and allergens such as smoke, pollen, dust, and pet hair/dander. This unit circulates room air 5x per hour nad features a permanent, washable filter. Certified for a 62 square foot room. Limited…

Honeywell Pet CleanAir Compact Air Purifier
(2 reviews)

Perfect for small rooms and pet areas, the Honeywell Pet CleanAir Compact Air Purifier helps capture 95% of airborne pet dander that passes throughout. This easily portable unit may be used in vertical or horizontal position and features 3 cleaning levels, an optional ionizer, and an electronic…

Floxite 10x Daylight Vanity Mirror
(1 review)

The Floxite 10x Daylight Vanity Mirror lets you see yourself in a more natural light and see the tiniest details without glasses! This mirror simulates daylight and offers 10x magnification via DFP Distortion Free Glass. Features a long life, replaceable bulb. Mirror size: 9 inch diameter.

Neck And Shoulder Wrap
(1 review)

Neck and shoulder wrap. This comforting wrap is filled with 100% natural herbs and can be heated or cooled to relax the body and ease muscle tension. It cradles your neck and shoulders, has durable ultra soft fabric, can be heated up in microwave and is filled with lavender, chamomile, lemongrass…

Perfect Solutions Laptop Manicure Salon

Get comfortable for your next manicure with this remarkable Perfect Solutions laptop salon. The micro-bead filled cushion custom-contours to your lap for greater comfort and support; while the sleek plastic top has a molded well thats perfectly sized for nail polish and polish remover. It also has…

Honeywell HEPA Clean Germ Fighting Air Purifier Honeywell HEPA Clean Germ Fighting Air Purifier Honeywell HEPA Clean Germ Fighting Air Purifier
(2 reviews)

Honeywell HEPA clean, germ fighting air purifier is 99.9% effective at removing common indoor pollutants. It also features UV technology to fight fungi, mold spores, viruses, and airborne bacteria, plus 12 levels of cleaning, 18 hour shut-off timer, odor absorbing pre-filter, optional on/off…

AS SEEN ON TV! Copper Fit Plus

AS SEEN ON TV! Copper Fit Plus zippered knee sleeve with adjustable strap and anti-odor fabric. Easy on, easy off. For men and women.

Conair®  Interplak Toothbrush - RTG3CSR
(3 reviews)

Reduce plaque and other dental hygiene concerns with this rechargeable cordless Conair® Interplak toothbrush. Three types of bristles in the oscillating brush head work better at cleaning than conventional brushes. Pointed interproximal bristles clean in between teeth; feathered subgingival…

AS SEEN ON TV! Target Tweeze

The AS SEEN ON TV! Target Tweeze personal hair removal epilator: no blades so you will never have nicks or razor burn. It is ideal for all skin types and comes with its own carry case; take it with you when you travel. It's so quick and easy, men like it too! At the touch of a button you'll be neat…

AS SEEN ON TV! Simply Straight Professional
(1 review)

You can now get salon straight hair with the AS SEEN ON TV! Simply Straight Professional. The brush is made of premium tourmaline ceramic which is fast, safe, and gentle to use on your hair. All you have to do is brush to smooth and straighten and it can heat up to 450 degrees.

AS SEEN ON TV! Slimming Belt

The AS SEEN ON TV! Slimming Belt offers instant slimming and trimming of your appearance, helps shape and flatten abs, and provides back support. This belt features four specially designed zipper closures to adjust to any size waist from 36 to 50. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of this…

Bionaire® Tabletop Air Purifier
(1 review)

Take advantage of the most effective filter technology available with this Bionaire® Tabletop Air Purifier! This unit utilizes high-efficiency 99.97% HEPA technology and features four cleaning settings, an optional ionzer, a programmable timer and a service indicator that lets you know when it's…

Conair® Moist King Size Heating Pad

Conair® moist heating pad with automatic shut off has 3 settings and absorbent sponge for moist heat. Machine washable cloth cover. 11.5 X 20.5 inches.

Vicks 1.2 Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier
(18 reviews)

Breathe and sleep easy with this super quiet humidifier. This model purifies water and converts it into a soothing plume of vapor. The unit is shaped like a coffee maker, has a 10 x 6 inch footprint, and stands 1 foot tall. Clear blue plastic allows you to see how much water remains in the 1.5…

AS SEEN ON TV! Shower Wow

AS SEEN ON TV! Shower Wow transforms your shower into an exciting colorful experience with this universal fit chrome finish shower head. It is quick and easy to install with no hardware or batteries required. It is Water pressure powered and great for all ages.

HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Chair Cushion

The stress will just melt away with the HoMedics Shiatsu massaging chair cushion with heat. This features rolling and rotating shiatsu massages ensure deep relaxation. This also offers 3 speed settings, 3 massage zones for your upper back, lower back, or full back, and soothing heat. Fits most…

Conair® Double-Sided Lighted Round Mirror
(1 review)

Reflect your good taste with this Conair® Double-Sided Lighted Round Mirror with the eye catching finish of polished chrome and a style that will improve the look in any room. The right lighting and extreme 1x/5x magnification ensure that you'll always be ready for your closeup. The pivoting mirror…

AS SEEN ON TV! Ped Egg Power
(6 reviews)

AS SEEN ON TV! Ped Egg Power guarantees smooth, beautiful feet by gently removing callus, dry skin without scraping. Safe to the touch with no blades. Never cuts. Auto off feature - stops if pressed too hard.

Bionaire Tabletop Air Purifier

The Bionaire tabletop air purifier captures up to 99.99% of airborne pollutants and allergens with its true HEPA filtration system. This unit features a 12 hour timer, quiet and turbo clean settings and a filter replacement indicator. Includes one Allergy Plus filter. This purifier is suggested for…

Conair®  11 Piece Trimmer - GMT175WCSV Conair®  11 Piece Trimmer - GMT175WCSV
(4 reviews)

Conair® 11 Piece professional style beard and mustache trimmer with interchangeable heads. Battery-operated. Full-cut solid steel blades.

Conair® Infiniti Pro Rotating Curling Iron
(2 reviews)

The Conair® Infiniti Pro Rotating Curling Iron lets you achieve beautiful results effortlessly. This curling iron features a 1-inch tourmaline ceramic barrel, an auto-rotating clamp, 400-degree high-speed styling, and an advanced silicone strip for a brilliant shine with superior hold. Functions…

Holmes Ultrasonic Bear Humidifier

The Holmes Ultrasonic bear humidifier is perfect for any child's room. The friendly bear helps relieve coughs, colds, and flu symptoms. The cool mist increases the air moisture to easier breathing. This features a 10-hour run time, a 0.5 gallon tank, variable mist control knob, filter free…

Rela X Zen Heated Bench Seat Cushion

Rela X Zen Heated car back seat bench cushion with car charger.

Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Pack
More Colors Available

Bed Buddy hot/cold pack. Cotton and Polyester blend. Spot clean.

Norelco 3100 Series Dry Electric Shaver

The Norelco 3100 Series dry electric shaver features the ComfortCut blade system that allows the rounded profile heads to glide over your skin while protecting it from nicks. The 4-direction flexible heads move to cover every curve of your face. It also features a pop-up trimmer and can be used…

Conair® 1875 Watt Hair Dryer - White
(8 reviews)

Conair® 1875 watt dryer has 2 heat and speed settings. It comes with a hang ring for easy storage.

Conair® 3X/1X Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror
(2 reviews)

Conair® double sided with 3X magnifier on one side. Soft halo lighting. Hangs or stands. Requires 3 AA batteries.

Wahl Ladies Personal Trimmer - 9865-100

The Wahl ladies personal trimmer is designed to provide quick, easy, pain-free grooming. This rechargeable trimmer is perfect for removing facial hair, shaping eyebrows, and smoothing and trimming bikini lines. Includes: adjustable guide for easy bikini maintenance, detail trimmer for face and…

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager/Heat - FMS-150H
(1 review)

The HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat offers deep kneading with optional heat application, and it is perfect therapy for sore, aching feet!

Gold 'N Hot Elite Digital Flat Iron

Get professional results with this powerful Gold N Hot Elite digital flat iron. This hair straightening tool features 1 ceramic tourmaline plates for no-frizz, smooth, shiny hair, plus a highly efficient PTC heater, an LCD temperature readout, and temperatures up to 450 degrees.

Conair® ThermaLuxe Massaging Heating Pad

Conair® massaging heating pad with soothing heat for a relaxing massage. This heating pad features ergonomic remote control with settings for heat and massage. Massage motors automatically shut off to ensure safety.

Holmes Tower Air Purifier - Black

This Holmes space-saving tower air purifier works two ways to freshen and clean the air in your home. First, its Hepa high-efficiency filter helps remove airborne particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. Then, to absorb and eliminate common odors, the filter is fortified…

HoMedics Blossom Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser HoMedics Blossom Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
More Colors Available

You can now bring the spa to your home with the HoMedics Ellia blossom ultrasonic diffuser. The diffusers and oils help reduce stress, boost clarity, and sooth your body and mind. The diffuser delivers a fine mist of natural aroma while the color-changing light creates a peaceful environment. Plus…

Waterpik® Whitening Power Floss - FLW110

Floss and brighten your teeth the easy way! The Waterpik® Power Whitening Flosser has mint-flavored tips coated with a special whitening agent for brightening areas between the teeth. It also reduces bleeding gums, inflammation and plaque. Over 80% of the participants in a recent study preferred…

Metal Ware SpaPro Aromatherapy Diffuser

This Metal Ware SpaPro Aromatherapy diffuser has a large 60 ml capacity reservoir for 10-18 hours of operation. Adjusts from low to high mist output and offers soothing mood lighting. Features a portable water tank for easy refilling, automatic shut off, and aromatherapy when needed by adding…

Waterpik®Cordless Plus Water Flosser - WP450
(759 reviews)

Lightweight cordless and easy to use, the Waterpik® ultra cordless dental water jet makes it easy to maintain healthier gums. You'll see results in 14 days or less! Clinically proven to be twice as effective as traditional string floss for improving gum health! Removes bacteria deep between teeth…

HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Heated Pillow

The HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Pillow with Heat offers a deep, kneading circular massage. This pillow's massage modes move in an inward and outward pattern for an authentic massage experience, while its versatile design allows it to be used for your back, shoulders and neck.

Mini 10X Close-Up Mirror

This handy Mini 10X Close-Up Mirror easily attaches to any smooth surface via 2 suction cups on its reverse and is perfect home, travel, or keeping in your purse. Size: approximately 3 inches diameter.

Conair® Ladies Dual-Blade Trimmer -LT3WB

Conair® battery-operated small blade for eyebrows and precise trimming.

HoMedics Hot/Cold Hand Held Massager

The HoMedics hot/cold hand held massager is a great addition to your relaxation routine. The vibration massage melts away tension, the hot/cold massage gel helps to sooth sore muscles, and the 6 unique attachments allow you to customize your massage.

Honeywell QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier
(2 reviews)

The Honeywell QuietClean compact tower air purifier offers superior air cleaning power with permanent filtration. The high efficiency permanent filter removes up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander, returning cleaner, fresher air to your room. Compared to full…

Wahl Mini Wand Massager

You can now relieve those daily aches with the Wahl mini wand massager. The flexible neck allows the massager to conform to all areas to target the sore spots. Plus this features a 2-hour run time and still has full power in a compact form. The massager also includes a charging storage stand.

Conair® Inerplak® Dental Water Jet -WJ3CS
(3 reviews)

Conair® Inerplak® Dental Water Jet is cordless and battery operated. Compact and powerful. Flushes out plaque and food debris. Reverses gingivitis and helps prevent gum disease. High/Low flow control on handle. Pause control on handle. Two color-coded jet tips. Three-foot white coil hose.…

Panasonic Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer Wet/Dry Panasonic Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer Wet/Dry Panasonic Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer Wet/Dry Panasonic Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer Wet/Dry

The high performance stainless steel blades of this Panasonic Hair, Beard and Body Trimmer Wet/Dry provide a clean look with each use. This trimmer features five precision settings, a slim, ergonomic design, and cordless wet or dry operation. Includes maintenance kit. Requires two AAA batteries,…

Wahl Foot & Leg Roller

The Wahl foot and leg roller is a great way to relieves pain and fatigue with pressure point massagers. This is also great for reflexology and plantar fasciitis pain.

HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager
(1 review)

The HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager provides either a deep, kneading shiatsu massage, a soothing vibration massage, or a combination of both. This massager also offers the option of heat and features an extended coverage area, convenient integrated controls and custom comfort flex handles. Size:…

Conair® Quick Twist

The Conair® Quick Twist is a new twist on style! Get multiple looks with one styler. Easy double stranded braider. Includes mini-elastics and hair clips.

Contour Back Wedge w/ Massage
(2 reviews)

Position your lower body for comfort. Relax tired legs, soothe achy knees and comfort your low back. Elevate your knees to a 30 degree angle so joints and muscles can relax, rest and rejuvenate. Constructed of medical grade foam for long lasting durability and excellent support. Cover is made of a…

Clio Automatic Nail File System

Shape and smooth your nails at home or on the go with this Clio automatic nail file system! This unit features a compact design to fit in purses or makeup bags and includes 4 attachments. Requires 1 AAA battery (not included).

Perfect Aire 70 Pint Dehumidifier

The Perfect Aire 70 pint dehumidifier can process up to 70 pints each day! it is great for getting rid of that humidity in your home. This size is ideal for rooms up to 4,500sq. ft. Plus this offers a washable filter, timer function, and an auto shut off function. Dimensions: 23H x 15.25W x 11D.

Honeywell HEPA Replacement Filter - HRF-H1

This Honeywell HEPA Replacement Filter HRF-H1 will help capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns. Includes 1 Air Purifier Filter. For optimal performance filter should be changed once per year.

Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier

For cleaner, fresher air in the home, this QuietClean air purifier offers superior air cleaning power with HEPA filter performance. Its permanent filter works to remove up to 99 percent of harmful indoor particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, cat dander, and tobacco smoke from air that passes…

Norelco Power Touch Aquatec Razor - AT814/41
(1 review)

Norelco Power Touch with Aquatech adds power to your morning with more minutes per charge,fully washable heads and DualPrecision heads, that give you a cleaner shave. The Aquatecseal ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave.

AS SEEN ON TV! Be Active Pressure Point Brace AS SEEN ON TV! Be Active Pressure Point Brace
(7 reviews)

AS SEEN ON TV! Be Active Pressure Point Brace. The wrap for back pain relief. The secret is the calf wrap for help with back pain relief. Helps relieve lower back pain associated with lower back pain and sciatica. One size fits all. Adjustable. Unisex. Works on left or right leg. Wear over or under…

Conair®  Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers - HS10
(1 review)

Conair® Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers. 10 Multi-size rollers (4 medium, 3 large, 3 jumbo) and clips for a variety of styles. Soft handy pouch makes it easy to carry in gym bag, back pack or suitcase. 90-second heat-up for instant results. Patented roller design with starter strip for quick, easy…

Revlon Perfect Heat Hairdryer

Get intense airflow and quick dry time for the perfect blowout with this Revlon Perfect Heat Hairdryer! This unit features professional performance, 3 heats & 2 speeds, cold shot function, tourmaline conditioning materials, triple-baked ceramic coating, 1875 watts of power, AC motor, and Soft-Feel…

Commercial 8100 BTU 3 In 1 AC/Humidifier/Fan
(2 reviews)

The commercial 8100 BTU 3-in-1 AC/humidifier/fan offers ultra-quiet operation as well as 3 fan and 3 cooling settings. Other features include: four casters for mobility, auto-off 24 hour timer, sleep timer, and full function remote. This unit also features a self-evaporative dehumidification system…

Perfect Solutions Battery UV Nail Dryer Perfect Solutions Battery UV Nail Dryer

Get beautifully finished, salon-style nails with this Perfect Solutions battery-operated UV dryer. Touch-activated fan speeds up dry-time of conventional nail enamel. The soothing, ultraviolet light helps set the UV-curable resin in gel polish. Compact, easy-to-store design. Requires 2 AAA…

Stand Up Vanity Mirror

This dual-sided Stand Up Vanity Mirror features an easy-to-assemble plastic base and offers 2x magnification on one side. Stands approximately 9.25 high when assembled.

HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Massager

HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Massager features soothing heat, two Speeds: choose low or high. Integrated control. The ergo comfort design flexes for a perfect fit. This massager is battery and AC adaptor driven (4 AA not included).

Sunbeam Moist/Dry Heating Pad

The Sunbeam moist/dry heating pad will help melt those sore muscles into submission! This features 3-heat settings, fast heat up, a moist heat option, and a machine washable cover. The heat therapy this offers increases blood flow to the sore area helping muscles relax and heal. Dimensions: 12 x 15.

Wahl Nasal Trimmer- Wet/Dry
(1 review)

Wahl Wet/Dry Nasal trimmer is stainless steel and comes with a protected cap. Trimmer is battery operated. Battery not included. Size: 5.5 inches.

Albee Virtuosa Prostyler

The Albee Virtuosa prostyler is an advanced and unique hair straightener. It was created to straighten your hair faster and safer. This features floating plate technology which allows for more precise styling, ergonomic design, auto shut off, and a unique setting for use on synthetic hair.

Philips Womens Bikini Trimmer

The Philips womens bikini trimmer allows you to trim, shape, or style your bikini line. The precise trimmer makes it easy to give yourself a clean bikini line. The set includes 3 attachments, bikini trimmer, and a travel pouch with cleaning brush. Wet and dry use.

Coby Max Rechargable Rotary Shaver

The Coby Max Rechargable Rotary Shaver offers quiet operation and a smooth shave from 18 blades on 3 pivoting heads. This shaver also features a pop-up trimmer, non-slip rubberized grip and up to forty minutes of cordless shaving.

Wahl All In One Rechargeable Grooming Kit

This versatile Wahl all in one, rechargeable grooming kit offers finely ground blades for superior performance, no matter what task it's used for. This kit includes trimmer unit, foil shaver, trimmer blade, ear/nose trimmer, 3 standard guide combs, a 5-position guide, beard comb, blade guard,…

Panasonic Wet & Dry Shaver - ES-RW30-S
(20 reviews)

Panasonics wet and dry shaver features a flexible pivoting head that follows all the contours of your face. You can shave either dry or wet, in the shower or with shaving foam. And clean the shaver by simply rinsing. The wet and dry shaver is ideal for the traveling businessman, or for a quick…

Conair® Moist Heating Pad
(1 review)

Conair® moist heating pad with absorbent sponge for moist heat. On/Off switch. Machine washable cloth cover. 11.5x 13.5 inches.

Wahl 14pc. Combo Pro Clipper & Trimmer

The Wahl 14 piece combo pro clipper and trimmer is a great addition to any hair care routine. It features a self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades, a durable long lasting powerful motor, and a variety of guide combs that make it easy to get the perfect cut. Includes a soft storage case.

Zaza Toothbrush Sanitizer

The zaza toothbrush sanitizer is a great way to keep your toothbrush clean and fresh! The UV bulb helps kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs in 6 minutes! It uses the same UV technology that is used in hospitals. Plus the rounded design means it can't topple over! And it fits almost all size…

Honeywell True Hepa Replacement Filter

This Honeywell replacement filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles.

HoMedics Soundspa - Rejuvenate

The HoMedics Soundspa - Rejuvenate creates a peaceful environment for you to fall asleep and stay asleep within. It features 6 soothing, natural sounds that you can choose from to sleep with. The sounds include white noise, thunder, ocean, gentle rain, summer night, and brook. Plus it is small…

Wahl Mustache & Beard Trimmer - 5537-420

Wahl High-carbon Steel Blades are Precision Ground to Stay Sharp Longer. Comes with Mustache Comb, Cleaning brush, Oil and Storage Base. Cordless/Battery Operated Trimmer Includes a Five-position Guide.

Honeywell Tower Air Purifier

Designed to purify air in small and medium size rooms up to 186 square feet, the Honeywell Tower air purifier offers two stage cleaning for healthier lungs and tidier rooms. The permanent, washable pre filter catches larger particles that would otherwise clog the IFD filter for persistent small…

HoMedics Soundspa Plus

The HoMedics Soundspa Plus allows you to make a peaceful environment anywhere! This features options to wake up to the radio or beeping; while you can fall asleep to one of the 8 relaxing sounds. The sounds include white noise, thunder, ocean, rainforest, rain, brook, fan, or campfire. Plus the…

HoMedics Rise Diffuser
(1 review)

The HoMedics rise diffuser is crafted from both wood and ceramic which allows the scent of your favorite essential oil to mingle in the air. This features a convenient remote and can run up to 7 hours of continuous runtime. It also features a color-changing light, different relaxing and uplifting…