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Pure Fitness Professional Exercise Stability Ball Pure Fitness Professional Exercise Stability Ball Pure Fitness Professional Exercise Stability Ball

The Pure Fitness exercise stability ball is an effective accessory for core conditioning, balance training, toning and flexibility. This professional grade stability ball works best for any home or athletic facility. They are very effective at targeting those core abdominal muscles that are…

Pure Fitness 38in. Mini Rebounder Exercise Trampoline Pure Fitness 38in. Mini Rebounder Exercise Trampoline Pure Fitness 38in. Mini Rebounder Exercise Trampoline

The Pure Fitness 38 inch exercise trampoline is the perfect solution to increase bone density, detoxify the lymphatic system, increase balance and coordination, as well as strengthen and tone the body's core muscles. The cushioned exterior trampoline pad is an additional barrier to prevent injury…

Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Doorway Pull-Up Bar Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Doorway Pull-Up Bar

The Pure Fitness multi-purpose door way pull-up bar is the ultimate home strengthening and toning workout for any fitness level. This heavy-duty bar fits in most doorways and has 6 foam padded grips and 8 grip positions for performing multiple exercises to sculpt and trim your entire body. It is…

Zenzation Athletics Premium Yoga Mat - Blue

This premium 1/4 yoga mat is a studio and gym grade quality and extra thick at 6.5mm for comfort. It has sealed edges that prevent fraying and tearing as well as antibacterial qualities for quick washing/drying. Rounded corners keep the mat flat during your yoga practice.

Zenzation Athletics Resistance Cords Kit

The Zenzation Athletics resistance cord kit features studio-grade resistance cords that help tone and strengthen your body through resistance training and movements. Use for rehabilitation and/or to prevent injury. Targets: triceps, biceps, back, thighs, and buttocks. Also features patented…

Zenzation PurAthletics 5lb. Ankle/Wrist Weights
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Using additional weights burns more calories and increases cardiovascular fitness. The extra weight tones and strengthens muscles. Use weights for aerobic, toning exercises and walking. Soft neoprene cover.

Pure Fitness 12mm High Density Exercise Mat

The Pure Fitness 12mm high density exercise mat makes any workout more comfortable with its 12mm of thick NBR material. This fitness mat is fully functional and offers more cushioning, letting you perform any exercise like sit-ups or push-ups with ease. It is great for stretching and floor…

Zenzation Athletics 55cm Exercise Ball

This exercise ball is premium grade burst resistant. It is well-suited for home or studio use. The non-slip texture is ideal for toning and strengthening abs, thighs, and improving posture. Great for active sitting and relieving back discomfort. Includes hand pump, instructional sheet, extra ball…