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Discovery Kids™ STEM Space and Planetarium Projector

The Discovery Kids™ STEM space and planetarium projector shines stars and planets onto ceilings and walls. Motorized projector rotates stars automatically. This has 3 interchangeable discs features 24 stunning images of planets, constellations, galaxies, and more. Plus the built-in focal ring…

Discovery Kids™ STEM Kids Science Ultimate Experiment

The Discovery Kids™ STEM kids science ultimate experiment contains everything you need to complete 3 different scientific projects including slimy goop-making, gemstone excavation, and volcano eruption!

Discovery Kids™ STEM Anatomy T-Rex Kit Discovery Kids™ STEM Anatomy T-Rex Kit

Get an inside look at the fearsome T-rex with the Discovery Kids™ STEM anatomy t-rex kit. This features see-through skin on one side and a detailed external view on the other half.

Discovery Kids™ STEM Super Slime Set

Join the slime revolution with this Discovery Kids™ STEM super slime set. It creates 5 unique slimes including glitter, neon, foam, glowing and scented slime! Includes 3 white glues, 1 clear glue, 4 storage cups, 6 stir sticks, 1 measuring cup, 1 spoon, 2 mixing bowls, 2 regular paints, 2 neon…

Discovery Kids™ Projection Alarm Clock

Projects a dazzling array of color-changing stars on your wall and ceiling with the Discovery Kids™ projection alarm clock. This features 6 built-in soothing nature sounds and 4 alarm sounds. Multi-function clock including 12/24 hour display, F/C temps, alarm, and more.

Discovery Kids™ STEM Mini Soap Lab

Make colorful soaps at home with the Discovery Kids™ STEM mini soap lab. This 7 piece kit includes everything you need to create scented, sea-themed soaps! Ages 8 and up.

Discovery Kids™ Microscope & Telescope

Explore the vast universe and the microscopic worlds with the Discovery Kids™ microscope & telescope. Microscopic exploration: learn the basics of how to use a microscope and how to create your own slides. The microscope includes 3 levels of magnification: 900x, 450x and 150x. Space & beyond:…

Anker Play 10 in 1 Mega Science Kit

Create and discover while having fun with the Anker Play 10 in 1 mega-science kit. Experiments include: ultraviolet beads, crystal tree, mega snow, growing marbles, blast off rocket, amazing sand, blooming crystals, plus 3 bonus experiments.

Discovery Kids™ STEM Science Test Tube Kit

The Discovery Kids™ STEM science test tube kit brings hands-on learning home. This kit comes with materials for conducting 5 scientific activities that demonstrate scientific principals that engage young scientists in fun tactile ways. The set includes 1 travel bag, 1 test tube rack, 5 large test…

Discovery Kids™ 3D Glowing Solar System Model

The Discovery Kids™ 3D glowing solar system model build a scale model of our solar system with this 30-piece set. The perfect way to spend time with your child, while educating them about the planets, space and beyond. The fun doesn't stop when the lights go out; turn them out and watch the planets…

Smithsonian Rock & Gem Dig

The Smithsonian rock & gem dig lets you excavate gemstones and minerals like a real geologist! This lets you identify gemstones and minerals and this is a great way to learn how rocks and minerals are formed. This dig includes 1 sand block containing 11 real gemstones and minerals, 1 mallet, 1…

Think Box Inventors' Box

The best inventions are usually made by accident or created out of necessity; open your Think Box inventors' box and get started. What would make your life easier or more interesting?

Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 Day & Night Globe

The Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 day & night globe features brilliant color-changing LED lights, creating an educational centerpiece for any room. By day, the globe displays cities, states, countries, and continents. By night, it transforms into a wondrous world of light, as populated land masses glow…

STEM Projects Robotic Octopus

The STEM Projects Robotic Octopus is here to teach you about compression and tension! This fun and easy to build octopus will help you pick things up! Plastic.

Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY Weather Terrarium

Build a weather station terrarium that supports plant life, then observe nature in action with greenhouse condensation, wind, temperature and more with the Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY weather terrarium.

Smithsonian® Crystal Growing Gems

Grow your own amazing large crystals with the Smithsonian® crystal growing gems. Learn about Crystalline Habitats and Crystal Structures.Set includes: 3 bags of crystal growing chemicals: Golden Citrine, Aquamarine Blue and Emerlad Green, 1 Google, 2 Lolly Pop Sticks, 1 Magnifying Glass, 1…

Discovery Kids™ STEM Anatomy Shark Kit

Get an inside look at the terror of the ocean with the Discovery Kids™ STEM anatomy shark kit! See-through skin on one side provides a clear look at internal structures and the other side shows and external view.

Smithsonian Planetarium Projector
(1 review)

The Smithsonian planetarium projector lets you explore the universe. The stars, moons, asteroids, and other celestial bodies down to your little one's bed room. The Smithsonian projector is equipped with a rotating star pattern of the northern sky with spectacular HD images of the planets. This…

STEM Projects Lightning Energy Ball

The STEM Projects Lightning Energy Ball is an awesome addition to any child's home. This helps them learn about Nobel Gases and electricity. Ages 4 and up.

Original Ant Farm

Fascinating, organized, and busy- ants are truly remarkable creatures, and the Original ant farm allows you to peer into their zany little world! This set has everything they need to get busy! Ants not included.

STEM Projects Jumping Spider

The STEM Projects Jumping Spider is fun an easy to build! Learn about kinetic energy while you build this spooky spider. Wind him up and watch him move. Plastic. Ages 10-14.

Discovery Kids™ Robotics

The Discovery Kids™ Robotics lets you become your own robotic genius. This lets you build up to 3 robots with 9 different robotic designs to choose from! The robots are powered by solar, salt, and electric energy.

Kole Imports Educational Microscope Kit

Perfect for inquisitive kids, this Kole Imports educational microscope kit features a refined microscope with 100x, 200x and 400x magnification, a powerful LED light and everything needed to collect, label and view small specimens and objects. Kit includes microscope, collection vials, blank…

3DIT Character Creator Molding Machine

The 3DIT character creator molding machine has everything you need to make your first 4 characters! This features a molding machine, molding form, and detailing tool. The starter pack includes 4 skeletons, 4 wax sticks, 2 accessories, and 4 character sticker sheets. Ages 8 and up.

Discovery Kids™ Build and Play Plane

The Discovery Kids™ build and play plane is perfect for any budding mechanic. Use the flexible pieces to construct either your own place or motorbike! This features moving propellers and wheels make it seem like your plane is really flying. Plastic. Ages 6 and up.

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Magnetic Slime

Mix up a batch of slime that reacts to a magnet with the Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: magnetic slime.Ooze Labs are fun and simple science experiments in big chunky plastic test tubes! Each Ooze Lab tube contains a simple science experiment to create a safe material that is both fun to play with and…

Thames & Kosmos Robot Safari

Build a series of adorable, motorized robotic animals with this Thames & Kosmos robot safari. A beautifully illustrated 32-page storybook centers around the adventures of the Omegas the family of makers and engineers featured in other Kids First early engineering kits. Robot Safari provides an…

Discovery Kids™ Coin Counting Jar

Automatically counts your change with the Discovery Kids™ coin counting jar. Convenient twist-off lid for easy coin retrieval. Accepts all U.S. circulated coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. Transparent jar allows you to see your savings at a glance.

Discovery Kids™ STEM Toy Circuitry Keyboard

Combine sound and science with the Discovery Kids™ STEM toy circuitry keyboard. It features 46 separate circuits, and allows you to experiment with music, sound, LED lights, resistors, switches, and more!

Discovery Kids STEM Rocket Science Kit

The Discovery Kids STEM science rocket kit allows you to build and launch a rocket. Includes, rocket body, fin assembly, launch pad, foam nose cone, sticker sheet and full color poster. Ages 8 and up.

Discovery Kids™ STEM Model Engine Kit Discovery Kids™ STEM Model Engine Kit

You tighten the last screw and stand to look at what you've built; an authentic Discovery Kids™ STEM model engine kit. Demonstrate how the pistons drive the crankshaft, which makes the belts and fan turn. Rev it up, this is the real deal.

Smithsonian Science Activities Rocket Science Kit

The Smithsonian science activities rocket science kit is the perfect way to teach children how to build and launch a real rocket! It is powered by packing soda and vinegar and is reusable. Plus it can soar up to 50 feet! Plastic. Ages 8 and up.

Cra-Z-Art™ Super Dino Excavation Kit

The Cra-Z-Art™ super dino excavation kit allows kids to use imaginative play to dig and discover dinosaur bones and then build their very own dinosaur. Includes clay, plastic fossils, chisel and mallet.

Melissa & Doug® Discover Magic Set Melissa & Doug® Discover Magic Set Melissa & Doug® Discover Magic Set
(6 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Discovery Magic Set includes four easy-to-master tricks for beginners. Young magicians will improve their confidence as well as develop their fine motor skills. Included in this set are a Magic Jewel Box, Color Changing String, Chamber of Illusion, and Sword in the stone. This…

Discovery Kids™ Box of Magic

Learn and perform over 50 tricks with the step-by-step visual instruction booklet from the Discovery Kids™ Box of Magic. Build self-discipline and boost self-confidence through practice and a successful performance. Improve interpersonal skills through live performances.

Smithsonian Telescope & Tabletop Tripod
(1 review)

The Smithsonian 40mm refractor telescope and aluminum table top tripod lets your young scientist explore Earth and space! This is perfect for star tracking and viewing wildlife, cityscapes, sporting events and more with interchangeable 25x and 125x eyepiece lenses. Set includes: 1 refractor, 1 40mm…

Melissa & Doug® Giddy Buggy Bug House
(12 reviews)

Children will enjoy observing bugs and insects in this eye-popping Melissa & Doug® giddy buggy bug house. Made from lightweight molded plastic and wire mesh, it has an easy-access bug-faced door, a sturdy handle and lots of ventilation. The Giddy Buggy Bug House is designed to encourage kids three…

Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus
(3 reviews)

Ideal for the class or playroom this Melissa & Doug® Add & Subtract Abacus gives kids different ways to explore numbers, colors, and patterns. Just slide the two double sided wooden boards into the base, and kids can solve equations by lining up the correct number of beads. This Abacus is a…

Melissa & Doug® Bead Maze Melissa & Doug® Bead Maze Melissa & Doug® Bead Maze
(10 reviews)

The Melissa & Doug® Bead Maze has multi-shaped, brightly colored beads that swoop and slide along the roller coaster wires. By playing with this maze, children will learn color and shape recognition, as well as work on their fine motor skills. With its sturdy wooden base, this maze will keep your…

Thames & Kosmos Glowing Crystal Geode

Create your own crystal geode a round rock containing a crystal-filled cavity with the Thames & Kosmos glowing crystal geode. First, cast a plaster geode shell in the mold and then fill it with a crystal-growing alum salt solution. The crystal solution contains an ultraviolet-luminous pigment that…

Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY Maze Planter

Explore the magic of plant growth with the Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY maze planter. Build your own maze planter, then grow and monitor your plants with tweezers, dropper, shovel, magnifying glass, cultivation dish, and more.

Thames & Kosmos Gyroscopes & Flywheels Thames & Kosmos Gyroscopes & Flywheels

Gyroscopic force is a fascinating and magical phenomenon, with amazing scientific principles behind it that you can see with the help of the Thames & Kosmos gyroscopes & flywheels. With the small, fast-spinning gyroscope in this kit, you can build models and perform experiments that appear to defy…

Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY Wind Turbine Glider Kit

Explore your engineering skills and harness the power of the wind with the Discovery Kids™ STEM DIY wind turbine glider kit. Use the wind-powered turbine to charge a mini motor glider that really flies, no batteries needed!

Anker Play 10 in 1 Mega Dig Kit

Dig up treasures and discover gems in this awesome Anker Play 10 in 1 mega dig kit. Use your tools to break open treasure chests, explore a pyramid and uncover what mysteries lie in each of these items. 10 treasures to find! Find fish fossil, Egyptian mummy, radiant pearls, precious crystals & more!

Circuit Clay

Learning electricity is easy when you make clay creations that glow with the Circuit clay. Use our special conductive and insulating clay to make a sculpture, add LEDs, attach a battery pack, and watch your clay circuit light up. With more than 15 projects to choose from, including a robot, a UFO,…

Thames & Kosmos Super Expand Instant Snow

Leave the cold outside and bring the snow indoors fake snow, that is! No mittens required for this fun and simple science experiment: Combine this special non-toxic snow powder with water and watch as the mixture expands to hundreds of times its original size, creating a light and fluffy material…

Thames & Kosmos Catapults and Crossbows Thames & Kosmos Catapults and Crossbows

Its time to get medieval on physics with the Thames & Kosmos catapults and crossbows. Build ten sleek and updated models of catapults and crossbows. These classic siege weapons from the middle ages also happen to be great tools for teaching physics, including lessons in force, energy, motion, and projectiles.

Discovery Kids™ 2019 Toy Skecher Projector

Draw, trace, play games, and more on this Discovery Kids™ 2019 toy sketcher projector, which can project artwork onto your wall or ceiling up to 20 times the original size. Includes art projector, 6 color markers, and 10 reusable coloring discs.