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Smithsonian Science Activities Rocket Science Kit

The Smithsonian science activities rocket science kit is the perfect way to teach children how to build and launch a real rocket! It is powered by packing soda and vinegar and is reusable. Plus it can soar up to 50 feet! Plastic. Ages 8 and up.

Smithsonian Prehistoric Sea Monster

With the Smithsonian prehistoric sea monster, you can grow your own prehistoric pets! Witness 220-million-year-old species come to life and grow up to 20 times their original size. Set includes: Aquarium, background, bag of triop eggs, bag of triop food, bag of sand, and a color poster with…

Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit

The Smithsonian electronic crystal growing kit allows you to grow your own amazing large crystals, crystal clusters, crystal geodes and more! The kit includes crystal growing chemicals, crystal and geode growing cup molds, casting compound, safety goggles, color changing display base and detailed…

Smithsonian Robo Spider Kit

The Smithsonian robo spider kit lets your child make their own working creature! This features eight multi-joint legs that replicate the walking movement of real spiders. The set includes 1 gear box with on/off switch assembly, 2 battery terminals, 1 rubber tube, 1 battery cover, 64 plastic robo…

Classic World Multi-Activity Cube

The Classic World multi-activity cube features five sides of exploration! Turn the mute-colored gears and experience cause and effect. Watch gravity work on the M-shaped rolling track while the ladybugs race on the quirky maze. Flip and match your favorite colors and shapes. Spin and twirl the…

Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 Day & Night Globe

See the world like never before with the Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 day & night globe. This classic globe transforms into an illuminated map of dazzling city lights as seen from space! Watch as populated land masses glow brightly with color-changing LED light. This also displays political boundaries,…

Smithsonian LED Circuit Lab

The Smithsonian LED circuit lab lets your child learn about electricity and circuts. You can create 8 different circuits and your own combinations that makes letters and numbers display on the LED screen. Plastic. Metal. Battery operated. Ages 8 and up.

Discovery Kids STEM Rocket Science Kit

The Discovery Kids STEM science rocket kit allows you to build and launch a rocket. Includes, rocket body, fin assembly, launch pad, foam nose cone, sticker sheet and full color poster. Ages 8 and up.

Discovery Kids™ Build and Play Plane

The Discovery Kids™ build and play plane is perfect for any budding mechanic. Use the flexible pieces to construct either your own place or motorbike! This features moving propellers and wheels make it seem like your plane is really flying. Plastic. Ages 6 and up.

Smithsonian Jet Works

The Smithsonian jet works allows you to build a working model of a jet engine. Plus you can control the thrust and turbine speed. This is battery operated moving parts and lights! This teaches the basics to aerodynamics. Plastic. Dimensions: 8.00 x 12.00 x 7.50 Inches. Ages 8 and up.

Smithsonian Rock & Gem Dig

The Smithsonian rock & gem dig lets you excavate gemstones and minerals like a real geologist! This lets you identify gemstones and minerals and this is a great way to learn how rocks and minerals are formed. This dig includes 1 sand block containing 11 real gemstones and minerals, 1 mallet, 1…

Smithsonian Super Dig

You can excavate and find gemstones and minerals with the Smithsonian super dig. This includes 2 blocks for digging, 2 posters, 11 minerals, dowel, mallet, goggles, magnifying glass, brush, and a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Dimensions: 2H x 11W x 14D (packaged). Ages 8-14.

Smithsonian Microscope Kit

The Smithsonian 150x, 450x, and 900x microscope kit is ideal for budding scientists! View microscopic specimens at up to 900x actual size! The set includes prepared and blank slides with laboratory accessories, built in light for direct illumination, a reflecting mirror for natural illumination,…

Classic World Wood Multi-Activity Rocket

This Classic World multi-activity rocket is made with all natural wood and is hand crafted with an original design. The set provides multiple games in one toy such as; a bead coaster, a gear game, a clock, beads, and a little mirror. Your child will get better with their abilities through their own…

Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 Build and Play Flexi Puzzle Kit

The Discovery Kids™ 2 in 1 build and play flexi puzzle kit is perfect for your budding builder! This lets you choose from 1 of 5 vehicles to build out of flexible puzzle pieces! This includes moving propellers and wheels that make it seem like your engine is actually running. Plastic.Ages 5 and up.

Discovery Kids™ Magnetic Tiles

The Discovery Kids™ magnetic tiles lets you create your own custom 3D models. Each piece sticks together with built-in magnets you can place at any angle to create different shapes. Includes 24 pieces of magnetic tile in colorfultriangles and squares. Ages 4 and up.

Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Animals & Dinosaurs Set Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Animals & Dinosaurs Set

The Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Animals & Dinosaurs set has everyone attracted to these magnetic creatures. There are 20 animal magnets and 20 dinosaur magnets that make up this extra-large set, and they are all packaged in two wooden boxes to make them easy to organize and store. 75% Plywood (middle…

Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Letters & Numbers Bundle Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Letters & Numbers Bundle

The Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Letter & Numbers Bundle are easy to position on any magnetic surface. These wooden magnets are a great way to introduce letters and numbers. They will naturally encourage sorting, matching, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. These magnets come housed in a…

Smithsonian Classic Rock Tumbler

With the Smithsonian classic rock tumbler, you can change rough stones into beautiful high luster gemstones! Set includes: rock tumbler machine, rough semi-precious stones, grit, polish, jewelry settings, and detailed instructions with a bonus refill pack. Includes: amethyst, jasper, agates, and…

Explore One Juno Telescope Explore One Juno Telescope Explore One Juno Telescope Explore One Juno Telescope

This Explore One Juno telescope is a great starter instrument for both daytime nature watching and nighttime moon gazing. The telescope comes with 2 interchangeable eyepieces for greater magnification, a tripod, hard case, and a star map. Ages 8 and up.

Smithsonian Telescope & Tabletop Tripod

The Smithsonian 40mm refractor telescope and aluminum table top tripod lets your young scientist explore Earth and space! This is perfect for star tracking and viewing wildlife, cityscapes, sporting events and more with interchangeable 25x and 125x eyepiece lenses. Set includes: 1 refractor, 1 40mm…

Smithsonian Eco Rover

The Smithsonian eco rover is a great way to teach kids about solar energy. The rover can drive forward and backward. Plus just connect the generator to control the rover without solar energy. Plastic. Dimensions: 15L x 3W x 12H in. Ages 8 and up.

Smithsonian Giant Volcano

Lava grows in full color in the dark, powered by oglo charges with any light glows super bright. Study the differences between 6 different types of volcanoes! Kit includes: 2 volcano bases, 1 eruption tube, 4 double stick tapes, 5 color paints, 1 color glow paint, 2 rolls plaster strips, 1 foam…

Smithsonian Solar Powered Eco Space

This fun and educational Smithsonian Solar Powered Eco Space set allows you to build 3 solar-powered, space-themed projects including a Robo-Dog, Space Rover and Space Ship. This set also includes a battery backup system for indoor use and a 23 x 16 poster. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).…

Melissa & Doug® Solar System & Underwater Puzzle Melissa & Doug® Solar System & Underwater Puzzle Melissa & Doug® Solar System & Underwater Puzzle Melissa & Doug® Solar System & Underwater Puzzle Melissa & Doug® Solar System & Underwater Puzzle

Nature's most fascinating scenes star in these Solar System and Underwater Puzzle Bundles. With oversized pieces made of sturdy cardboard and an Easy-Clean surface that wipes clean, these puzzles look great after each playtime.

Smithsonian Finger Print Kit

Get ready to do some sleuthing for evidence, just like a real forensic scientist with the Smithsonian finger print kit. Have fun lifting prints and learning about 3 basic types of fingerprints. Ages 8 and up.

Smithsonian Magic Rocks

Create your own magnificent growths with the Smithsonian magic rocks. This allows you to grow crystals right in your bedroom! In 120 minutes, your crystals can grow up to 4 inches. Magic or science? You decide! Includes 0.44oz 12.4g Magic Rocks, 2 x 4.5 fl oz 133ml Sodium Silicate, 1 Space…

Smithsonian STEM Model Engine

The Smithsonian STEM model engine lets you build a real working engine. This allows you to bring a model engine to life using over 100 custom parts! Watch valves open and close, spark plugs light up, and pistons drive the crankshaft just like a real engine! Includes washers, 2 shafts, 4 exhaust…

Cra-Z-Art® Nickelodeon Light Up Slime

The Cra-Z-Art® Nickelodeon light up slime brings life to slime! lime that uses light to bring the shine and sparkle to life! Complete with everything you need to make slime and lights to make it shine! Ages 6 and up.

Cra-Z-Art® Nickelodeon Slime Making Lab

The Cra-Z-Art® Nickelodeon slime making lab is all the fun of homemade slime minus the mess! Just add your ingredients into the slime maker then you simply turn the handle and watch as slime magically starts to form! Add glitter, add paint, add all your slimy favorites! Ages 6 and up.

Discovery Kids™ Projection Alarm Clock

Create a breathtaking night sky indoors with this Discovery Kids™ projection alarm clock. This projects a dazzling array of color-changing stars on your wall and ceiling and features six built-in soothing nature sounds and four alarm sounds. Plastic. Size: 4.3H x 4.3W x 3.5D. Ages 3-6.