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Mr. Coffee® 7.2 Cup Electric Kettle

Enjoy a comforting, relaxing cup of tea in minutes with the Mr. Coffee® 7.2 cup electric kettle. Perfect for hot water on demand for an instant breakfast, cooking recipe, soup, and more. The stainless steel design fit into any modern kitchen.

Nostalgia™ Retro Series Electric Water Kettle Nostalgia™ Retro Series Electric Water Kettle Nostalgia™ Retro Series Electric Water Kettle

This Nostalgia™ Retro Series Electric Water Kettle has plenty of modern conveniences. Beginning with a user-friendly 360 rotational base, the base also provides convenient power cord storage and is equipped with boil-dry protection for added safety. The easy-to-read temperature gauge and water…

Nesco® Tea Maker

This Nesco® tea maker's ability to brew loose bagged tea, in addition to its variable steeping times, opens a whole new world of possibili-teas! The water filters through the one liter heating chamber at perfect tea temperature, steeps for the time selected, and automatically flows into the glass…

Mr. Coffee® Ice Tea Maker

Fresh, home-made iced tea has never been easier using the Mr. Coffee® fresh tea iced tea maker. Use tea bags or tea leaves to create refreshing iced tea drinks, whether you prefer traditional unsweetened tea or gourmet-infused flavors. Just add water, tea, ice, flavor ingredients and brew! In about…