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367212 Picnic Time New York Yankees Blanket Tote
367207 Picnic Time New York Mets Blanket Tote
367204 Picnic Time New York Knicks Blanket Tote
367200 Picnic Time Minnesota Twins Blanket Tote
367191 Picnic Time Milwaukee Brewers Blanket Tote
367177 Picnic Time Miami Marlins Blanket Tote
367168 Picnic Time Miami Heat Blanket Tote
367163 Picnic Time Memphis Grizzlies Blanket Tote
367150 Picnic Time Indiana Pacers Blanket Tote
367144 Picnic Time Houston Rockets Blanket Tote
367142 Picnic Time Houston Astros Blanket Tote
367133 Picnic Time Detroit Tigers Blanket Tote
367126 Picnic Time Detroit Pistons Blanket Tote
367124 Picnic Time Denver Nuggets Blanket Tote
367118 Picnic Time Dallas Mavericks Blanket Tote
367108 Picnic Time Colorado Rockies Blanket Tote
367044 Picnic Time Chicago Bulls Blanket Tote
367036 Picnic Time Brooklyn Nets Blanket Tote
367030 Picnic Time Boston Red Sox Blanket Tote
367021 Picnic Time Baltimore Orioles Blanket Tote
367011 Picnic Time Atlanta Braves Blanket Tote
313762 Vellux Cotton Woven Blanket - Ecru
313900 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Tornado Grey
313892 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Sage
313889 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Prune
5.0 stars(1 review)
313886 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Ivory
313881 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Grey Mist
313876 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Desert Taupe
313869 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Chocolate Brown
313863 Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket - Burgundy
313754 Vellux Original Lightweight Blanket - Tan
5.0 stars(1 review)
313751 Vellux Original Lightweight Blanket - Navy
313735 Vellux Original Lightweight Blanket - Chocolate
313944 Vellux Fleece Blanket - Winter White
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Blankets: Fleece Blankets, Wool Blankets, & More

What’s your favorite blanket material? Chances are you’ll find it here at Boscov’s online! Browse a variety of blankets in gorgeous colors and designs and the softest fabrics. From fleece and wool blankets to cotton and micro mink, Boscov’s always has some of the coziest blankets you’ll ever need.

Blanket sizes include twin, full, queen and king, and you can quickly narrow by brand, size, color, or price range to easily find what’s in stock that fits your needs. Fleece and woolen blankets typically provide the most warmth, combining breathability with insulation. The spaces between fibers help trap air, keeping you warmer, which is perfect for cold nights. Thin cotton blankets tend to be cooler and a good choice for hot nights. Browse our collection of blankets to find the perfect fit for your bed at Boscov’s Department Store online.