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226919 Love Cut Out Tabletop Sign
5.0 stars(1 review)
250877 50 inch  Traditional Santa
250871 27.5 inch Snowman and Bow Table Piece
251210 Metal Elf Hat with Bell
230415 It's Wine Flu Box Sign
243355 I'm Outdoorsy Box Sign
243722 Love You To The Moon & Back Chalk Sign
231823 Country Look Up Cross
5.0 stars(1 review)
230447 Primitives By Kathy Alcohol/Salad Sign
230464 Primitives By Kathy Last Name Box Sign
182679 Love Is Patient... Heart Shaped Slate
5.0 stars(2 reviews)
182673 Love is Patient... Stitchery
182676 A True Friend Stitchery
182695 Primitive Berry Window
182688 Love You More Stitchery
208141 Sitting Country Doll with Cat - 21''
195461 Primitives by Kathy How Strong Box Sign
191413 Blessings Tabletop Cut Out Sign
191392 Friends Tabletop Cut Out Sign
191390 Sisters Tabletop Cut Out Sign
146794 ''I (heart) My Grand Dog'' Bone Magnet
146793 ''I (heart) My Dog'' Bone Magnet
146792 ''I (heart) My Mutt'' Bone Magnet
146791 ''I (heart) My Labrador'' Bone Magnet
146785 ''I (heart) My Puggle'' Bone Magnet
146784 ''I (heart) My Schnauzer'' Bone Magnet
146783 ''I (heart) My Sheltie'' Bone Magnet
146782 ''I (heart) My Shih-Tzu'' Bone Magnet
5.0 stars(1 review)
146781 ''I (heart) My Westie'' Bone Magnet
146780 ''I (heart) My Yorkie'' Bone Magnet
146750 ''I (heart) My Dachshund'' Bone Magnet
146743 ''I (heart) My Cockapoo'' Bone Magnet
146740 ''I (heart) My Chihuahua'' Bone Magnet
146739 ''I (heart) My Bulldog'' Bone Magnet
146737 ''I (heart) My Boxer'' Bone Magnet
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