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502784 Bueno Veg Tan Multi Zip Crossbody - Red
502912 Bueno Lizard Wash Crossbody - Red
504018 Koltov Abbey Ridge Crossbody - Denim
504010 Koltov Abbey Ridge Crossbody - Black
504013 Koltov Abbey Ridge Crossbody - Cognac
503667 Bueno Veg Tan 3 Zip Crossbody - Taupe Fall
504025 Koltov Kathryn Rugged Crossbody - Blue
504022 Koltov Kathryn Rugged Crossbody - Black
503936 Koltov Molly Hunter Crossbody - Black
503939 Koltov Molly Hunter Crossbody - Blue
503944 Koltov Molly Hunter Crossbody - Red
503942 Koltov Molly Hunter Crossbody - Dark Taupe
504006 Koltov Jelly Ridge Crossbody - Red
503991 Koltov Jelly Ridge Crossbody - Black
504004 Koltov Jelly Ridge Crossbody - Navy
502302 Bueno Lacing Stripe Crossbody - Black
504045 MultiSac Dimensions Crossbody - Black
504034 MultiSac Flare Ridge Crossbody - Black
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Crossbody & Messenger Bags

Fashion meets function with our crossbody bags and messenger bags! For many of us, our handbags are our life jackets – everything from money, cellphone and your keys to toys for the kids, spare makeup, and extra snacks are tucked safely away but still near at hand in our purses. Crossbody and messenger bags are a perfect example of stylish, yet functional, accessories to our wardrobe. Check out a variety of styles, colors, and patterns as you browse our collections.

If you already have an idea of what you want, find it faster by narrowing by brand, color, and price range. You’ll find a messenger bag you’ll love when you shop Boscov’s Department Store online.