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469024 Superior Comfort Down Alternative Comforter
469018 Year Round Down Alternative Comforter
468994 Benton Plaid Down Alternative Comforter
468999 Belle Fleur Down Alternative Comforter
469012 Adina Down Alternative Comforter
469015 Dahlia Down Alternative Comforter
469007 Kendall Down Alternative Comforter
469004 Kayla Down Alternative Comforter
468966 Reversible Down Alternative Comforter
481724 Ashley Cooper Solid Down Alternative Comforter
466633 Ashley Cooper Classic Down Comforter
454046 Ashley Cooper Reversible Solid Down Alt Comforter
461354 Ralph Lauren Bronze Level Artic Fresh™ Comforter
431250 Ashley Cooper Imperial Down Comforter
387014 All Season Down Alternative Comforter
375590 Reversible Solid Down Alternative Comforter
262720 Blue Ridge 240TC Eqyptian Cotton Down-Touch -White
262822 Supreme 350 TC Damask Stripe Down Comforter -White
4.0 stars(1 review)
262833 Siberian 500 TC All Season Down Comforter-White
262725 350 TC Cotton Damask Stripe Down Comforter-White
262814 Olympia 233 TC Cotton Cambric Down Comforter-White
262889 600 TC Windowpane Duraloft Down Comforter-White
262804 1000 TC Eqyptian Cotton Down Comforter - White
262881 Deluxe 233 TC Cotton Twill Down Altern Comforter
262886 500 TC Damask Duraloft Down Alternative Comforter
262898 Naples 700 TC Down Alternative Comforter-White
1.0 stars(1 review)
263016 1000 TC Eqyptian Cotton Down Alternative Comforter
263011 Naples 700 TC Hungarian Goose Down Comforter
262801 1000 TC Eqyptian Cotton Down Comforter - White
262878 Microfiber All Season Down Alternative Comforter
5.0 stars(1 review)
262701 Blue Ridge 300TC Eqyptian Cotton Down - White
288397 Charleston Down Alternative Comforter
5.0 stars(1 review)
262675 Blue Ridge Microfiber Feather Down Comforter-White
260786 Veratex Medici Dobby 310TC Down AltComforter-White
260782 Veratex Medici Dobby 310TC Down Alt Comforter-Sage
260777 Veratex Medici Dobby 310TC Down AltComforter-Ivory
260762 Veratex Medici Dobby 310TC Down Alt Comforter-Blue
260821 Veratex Sateen Down Alt. 500TC  Comforter - Blue

Down & Down Alternative Comforters

There’s nothing like crawling into bed and wrapping yourself in a comfy, cozy, cloud-like down comforter! Boscov’s offers down and down alternative comforters at great prices and in a variety of shades and patterns, so you can snuggle up and pick the style that will set off your bedroom decor. Down comforters are perfect for cold winter nights - or chilly, air-conditioned nights!

Browse our collection of down comforters to find the perfect fit for your bedroom’s look and feel, or narrow by brand, size, color, and price to more quickly find what you need. From inexpensive down alternative comforters to luxurious, high thread count, cotton down comforters; you’ll love how much you save on bedding at Boscov’s Department Store online.