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257209 Lenox Westerly Platinum Oval Platter
256892 Lenox Vintage Jewel Salt Shaker
256567 Lenox Tribeca Large Oval Platter
255989 Lenox Solitaire Oval Platter
255987 Lenox Solitaire Vegetable Open Large
255973 Lenox Solitaire Covered Vegetable Bowl
256109 Lenox Solitaire White Large Oval Platter
256112 Lenox Solitaire White Salt Shaker
255293 Lenox Opal Innocence Scroll Creamer
255123 Lenox Lowell Sugar Bowl With Lid
255120 Lenox Lowell Oval Platter
255115 Lenox Lowell Coffeepot With Lid
255073 Lenox Lace Couture Place Setting Bowl
255066 Lenox Ivory Frost Serving Bowl Large
254833 Lenox Darius Gold Oval Platter
254837 Lenox Darius Gold Serving Bowl Large
254902 Lenox Hancock Oval Platter
254899 Lenox Hancock Creamer
254897 Lenox Hancock Coffeepot With Lid
254851 Lenox Darius Silver Serving Bowl Large
254848 Lenox Darius Silver Oval Platter
255627 Lenox Rutledge Sugar Bowl With Lid
255626 Lenox Rutledge Serving Bowl
255624 Lenox Rutledge Salt & Pepper Shakers
255622 Lenox Rutledge 16in. Oval Platter
255621 Lenox Rutledge 13in. Oval Platter
255619 Lenox Rutledge Open Vegetable Bowl
255617 Lenox Rutledge Creamer
255616 Lenox Rutledge Covered Vegetable Bowl
255560 Lenox Republic Serving Bowl Large
255535 Lenox Republic Sugar Bowl With Lid
255533 Lenox Republic Salt & Pepper Shakers
255532 Lenox Republic Large Oval Platter
255530 Lenox Republic Oval Platter
255528 Lenox Republic Vegetable Open Large
255525 Lenox Republic Creamer
255524 Lenox Republic Covered Vegetable Bowl
255522 Lenox Republic Coffeepot With Lid
255424 Lenox Pearl Innocence Salt & Pepper Shakers
255350 Lenox Pearl Beads Sugar Bowl With Lid
255349 Lenox Pearl Beads 16in. Oval Platter
255348 Lenox Pearl Beads Open Vegetable Bowl
255322 Lenox Opal Innocence Silver Serving Bowl
255309 Lenox Opal Innocence Scroll Sugar Bowl
255307 Lenox Opal Innocence Scroll Serving Bowl
254813 Lenox Gilded Tapestry Vegetable Open Large
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