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429428 Lenox 7in. Holiday Nouveau Bowl
380927 Lenox Holiday Serve and Store
380846 Lenox Warm Wishes Tree Trivet
380098 Lenox Warm Wishes Angel Trivet
380093 Lenox Warm Wishes Snowflake Trivet
373604 Lenox Eternal Orchard Serving Bowl
373600 Lenox Eternal Orchard Serving Platter
380876 Lenox Holiday Archive Swan Dish
369463 Lenox Opal Innocence Blue Serving Bowl
369534 Lenox Larkspur Serving Bowl
369662 Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Blue Stripe Platter
369395 Lenox Opal Innocence Dune Serving Bowl
369387 Lenox Opal Innocence Dune 13in. Oval Platter
369450 Lenox Opal Innocence Blue 13in. Oval Platter
369532 Lenox Larkspur 13in. Oval Platter
370055 Lenox French Perle Bead Blue Oval Platter
369353 Lenox Eternal White Large Serving Bowl
369328 Lenox Eternal White 13in. Oval Platter
283373 Lenox Holiday Covered Butter Dish
262915 Lenox Hammered Stony Creek Salad Bowl
262914 Lenox Hammered Stony Creek Cheese & Cracker
262917 Lenox Hammered Stony Creek Large Tray
262910 Lenox Hammered Stony Creek Bread Tray
262908 Lenox Hammered Stony Creek Chip and Dip
257229 Lenox Westerly Platinum Serving Bowl Large
260712 Lenox Jeweled Jardin Oval Platter
260824 Lenox Jeweled Jardin Serving Bowl Large
262715 Lenox Silver Sophisticate Serving Bowl
262714 Lenox Silver Sophisticate Oval Platter
257082 Lenox Organics Metal Round Beaded Bowl
260559 Lenox Eternal Frosted 4 Piece Hostess Set
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