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465297 GOLDTOE® 7pc. Crew Socks
465293 GOLDTOE® 7pc. Quarter Socks
5.0 stars(1 review)
465275 GOLDTOE® The Oxford 3pk. Invisible Liner
465281 GOLDTOE® The Tab 3pk. Invisible Liner
465269 GOLDTOE® The Penny 3pk. Invisible Liners
454804 GOLDTOE® Tiki Print Dress Socks
465251 GOLDTOE® Toucan Print Dress Socks
465246 GOLDTOE® Frankie Stripe Socks
454782 GOLDTOE® Simple Stripe Socks
435627 GOLDTOE® Pebble Beach Socks
435640 GOLDTOE® Simple Stripe Ribbed Socks
435642 GOLDTOE® Bohemian Plaid Socks
358419 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Cushioned Loafer Socks
399385 GOLDTOE® 6pc. Stripe Sport Crew Socks
399348 GOLDTOE® Stripe Crew Socks
399319 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Micro Flat Crew Socks
399336 GOLDTOE® Diagonal Bone Dress Socks
399367 GOLDTOE® Non-Binding Rib Single Socks
358393 GOLDTOE® Pebble Beach Dress Socks
358351 GOLDTOE® Summer Floral Dress Socks
358349 GOLDTOE® Simple Plaid Dress Socks
358383 GOLDTOE® Ribbed Dress Socks
371086 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Super Sport Crew Socks
362121 GOLDTOE® 2pc. Color Block Crew Socks
359409 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Low Cut Active Socks
358442 GOLDTOE® 7pc. Mini Stripe Dress Socks
358445 GOLDTOE® 7pc. Striped Dress Socks
359405 GOLDTOE® 3pc. No Show Active Socks
358424 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Argyle & Solid Dress Socks
358428 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Striped & Solid Dress Socks
315662 GOLDTOE® Lodge Plaid Dress Socks
332388 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Mosaic Dress Socks
332334 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Classic Checker Dress Socks
332337 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Argyle Dress Socks
332350 GOLDTOE® Diamond Pattern Dress Socks
332339 GOLDTOE® Pheasant Pattern Dress Socks
332336 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Striped Dress Socks
332328 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Fairisle Dress Socks
330348 GOLDTOE® 4pc. Canterbury Dress Socks
315638 GOLDTOE® 3pc. Nassau Dress Socks
315691 GOLDTOE® Bohemian Plaid Dress Socks
315670 GOLDTOE® Argyle Dress Socks
4.5 stars(2 reviews)
315700 GOLDTOE® Vino Printed Dress Socks
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Mens Gold Toe Socks

Our Gold Toe socks for men shop houses the reliable & comfortable men’s socks of Gold Toe. Our selection includes several styles, patterns & colors of socks to fit in loafers, sneakers & more.

No matter your color or style preference, we offer multiple sizes & specialty fits for men while supplies last. For the comfort & ease of lightweight men’s gold toe socks, shop with us online at Boscov’s Department Store!