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502562 Remington Cabin Print Throw
502560 Remington Moose Print Throw
502551 Remington Elk Print Throw
502546 Remington Deer Print Throw
500417 Remington Supreme Velvet Solid Throw
500363 Brooklyn Loom Supreme Velvet Throw
500388 Remington Camo Throw Blanket
500375 Remington Bottom Dyed Throw Blanket
500410 Remington Supreme Velvet Plaid Throw
465678 TimberLux Seashells To Sherpa Throw
477153 Lush Décor® Belle Throw - Pink Blush
477149 Lush Décor® Belle Throw - White
477145 Lush Décor® Serena Throw - Ivory
465609 XOXO Floral Plush Throw
465616 XOXO Zigzag Plush Throw
465687 TimberLux Elephants Sherpa Throw
465685 TimberLux Pineapples to Grey Sherpa Throw
465665 TimberLux Sunflower Black Sherpa Throw
465682 TimberLux Soft Flowers Soft Sherpa Throw
465690 TimberLux Plaid Navy/Ivory Sherpa Throw
477140 Lush Décor®  Jigsaw Sherpa Throw - Navy
445668 Lush Décor® Pixie Fox Fleece Throw
445632 Lush Decor® Briley Sherpa Throw
445613 Lush Décor® Bettina Sherpa Throw
431230 Tiger Face Hipile Throw
411599 Lush Décor® Newbold Sherpa Throw - Blue
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Throws & Throw Blankets

Stay cozy with the perfect throw from our Throws Shop. Some days there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with your favorite throw! Boscov’s offers great deals on your favorite throws, including fleece throws, Sherpa throws, flannel throws and more. With a ton of colors and designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect throw for you!

Throws make great gifts for both adults or kids, just about any time of year, winter or summer. After all, there’s still chilly air conditioning to deal with during the hot summer months. Browse our selection of throws to get great deals on your next throw or blanket. You’ll love how much you save when you shop Boscov’s Department Store online!